Fishing Report 10/3/20

Looking west to Mammoth Mountain from Crowley Lake while wildfire smoke blows in from the west.
  We have finally had a major break in the smoke for most days now. Most of the time if we do see smoke it doesn’t come in now until the late afternoons. The skies have been blue and the fish have been biting very well over the past few days. The good news that

Fishing Report 9/22/20

Sierra Drifters Guide Jerry Gilpin assists a fly fisherman in landing a trout from Crowley Lake on a boat.
    Smoke in the sky one day and crystal clear the next is what has been happening around here. Many concerned anglers have been phoning in and inquiring about the air quality. We have not had a day yet that we have deemed unfit to go out and fish in. Even on the days

Fishing Conditions 9/11/20

    Things are changing quickly in a matter of days around the state of California. We have had many anglers call in and ask about the air quality in the eastern sierra. It changes daily here as one day can be blue skies and clear air and the next could have the smoke coming