Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 7/12/22

A mountain background with a large lake.
  Warm summer weather is here, but diurnal south easterly winds are keeping things pleasant in the afternoons and evenings. Fishing on Crowley has been producing very prime quality trout, and most of the fish are hanging deep to escape the warmer surface temperatures. Annual insect and fish activities are looking delayed this year by

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 6/15/22

A lake in the eastern sierra with the sun setting behind the mountains.
  Some wind here and there from some dry fronts has had the fish a little on the up and down. Some days have been producing some good fishing on Crowley Lake, while others have been on the slow side. The fish we are catching are high quality Crowley trout though. Looks like a little

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 6/1/22

A couple of fly fishermen hooked up to trout at the same time in a boat on a lake.
  We have had a fantastic last few weeks of the month fishing on Crowley Lake this season. Fish, fish, and more fish have made their presence known in our boat and river nets. It has been a massive amount of cutthroat trout, with some rainbows and a few browns mixed in that have been

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 5/9/22

A large lake with snowy mountains in far off in the background and a couple boats on the water.
  It was an opening day to remember as warm weather graced the eastern sierra which was in stark contrast to last year at this time where it was snowing, blowing, and cold. Sunday did bring some strong winds to the area, but fishing remained solid, at least on Crowley Lake, which continued to produce

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 4/17/22

A herd of migrating deer in the spring in a grove of aspen trees.
  We are awaiting opening day of the general trout season which is just under 2 weeks away. Soon boats and anglers will be seen on the waters which have been closed for the winter months, and fishing will be open on almost all waters in the eastern sierra. Winter is still trying to hold

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 3/28/22

A fly fisherman on a lake in a boat holding a behemoth cutthroat trout.
  Lots of changes to report that are happening or have happened in the eastern sierra as we close out the month of March. As spring is officially underway, we will start to see some warmer weather and melting off of the remainder of the high elevation snow. A few storms here and there are

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 3/2/22

A smiling angler holding a giant rainbow trout on a river.
  A little snow here and there this past week has made it feel like winter again for a short period. We are experiencing some very warm weather the last couple of days but that will be changing shortly as winter returns this weekend. The following week is looking a bit unstable with the possibility

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 2/7/22

A rainbow trout in a wooden net with rubber mesh.
  The drought continues for the state of California. No precipitation is in the forecast for the coming week. There may be some hope for a return of some storms by mid-month, but nothing is really jumping out at weather forecasters for the time being. It has been a very cold winter up here which

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 1/26/22

A smiling angler holding a giant rainbow trout on a river with a young lady in a red hat holding a net under the fish.
  Still looking pretty dry out there with no rain or snow in the forecast. Some windy days have come and gone, but for the most part typical winter weather minus the precipitation has set in. Luckily, there are a couple more months of winter to go, so hopefully we get the water. Snowy roads

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 1/16/22

A meandering river during with snow on the ground and snow filled mountains.
  Dry weather and some cold nights have made for some really great fishing. With warmer day temperatures and more bug activity, fish of all sizes are aggressively feeding on the surface and below. Firm morning snow is giving way to softer ground conditions on the Upper Owens and some more weather like this will