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Information about Eastern Sierra fishing waters:

Hot Creek

This scenic spring creek is famous for dry fly fishing year around. The fertile waters provide ideal habitat for numbers of large trout.

Grant Lake

Don't let the scenery deter you from fishing Grant. What lurks below the surface is the reward for visiting this man made reservoir on the north end of the June Lake Loop.

Silver Lake

Arguably one of the most beautiful natural alpine lakes in the Sierra, Silver is also a potent trout fishery that is easily accessed off the June Lake Loop.

Bridgeport Reservoir

The Bridge once held the California state record for a brown trout. Twenty Seven Pounds! Bridgeport can get lost in the shadows of Crowley Lake; but those that frequent this fishery know that at times this is by far and away the best still water trout fishery in the Eastern Sierra

Crowley Lake

The crown jewel of the Eastern Sierra trout fisheries, Crowley is the most consistent fishery in the area. Several species of trout thrive in this fertile reservoir

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is the premier rainbow trout still water in California. The fish average 16 inches and weigh over a pound

East Walker River

The East Walker River can be the finest moving water trout fishery we have in the Eastern Sierra when conditions are right. Located below Bridgeport Reservoir, it is a true tailwater fishery

The Gorge

This is a small tailwater emanating from Crowley Lake. Wild brown trout thrive here in sections that require moderate hiking.

Middle Owens River

Drift boat or wade, the Mighty MO is the best moving water trout fishery in the Sierra. The Owens offers many miles of diverse water that will please all levels of anglers

Lower McGee Creek

Beautiful Lower McGee Creek emanates from snow fields near Mammoth Lakes California. Large trout migrate up from Crowley Lake during the spring providing world class fly fishing opportunities

Pleasant Valley Reservoir

Pleasant Valley Reservoir offers a diverse variety of water. Located 8 miles north of Bishop Ca., it is easily accessed of Hwy 395

Lower Rush Creek

Rush Creek is a great location to hunt for wild brown trout in a beautiful setting near June Lake Ca.

San Joaquin River

Nestled in the pine trees near Devils Post Pile National Monument, the San Joaquin offers miles of beautiful pocket water filled with wild and planted trout

Upper Owens River

This spring fed river offers world class trophy trout that migrate up from Crowley Lake during the fall, winter, & spring. It is arguably the most productive moving water in the Eastern Sierra

West Walker River

This classic freestone river emanates from snow fields high in the Emigrant Wilderness, and flows into Topaz Lake NV.


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