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Fly fishing Rush Creek near June Lake with a guide will get you a shot at some quality browns

I would not suggest this area for novice fly fishers.  However, if you are feeling pretty good about your skills, maybe need a warm up for some famous spring creek fishing elsewhere, this is the place.  It can be a very humbling/rewarding experience.  The upper sections of this tail water emanates from Grant Lake.  It is not a spectacular creek in the sense of beauty until you look closely and with the stealth of a cat on the hunt, into its waters.  There are some fat wild browns in here.  This area is located off hwy. 158, the north intersection of the June Lake Loop with Hwy.395.  Drive 1.8 miles, you will pass the turn-off to Parker Lake on your right or west side of the road.  Look for a small dirt road with a brown sign that has IS30 written in yellow.  It will be on your left or east side of the road.  Travel 200 yds. and you will come to a small turn-out and a sign that gives special angling regulations and another that says Rush Creek.  The creek is visible from this point.

Rush Creek downstream of Hwy 395 has riffle and pocket water for fly fishers that enjoy fast water

Lower Rush Creek is a 0 limit catch and release, barbless flies and lures area.  The fish here are very spooky and there is very little cover along the canal or in the channel proper.  This makes presentations very difficult.  Upstream casts are a must.  If you have a partner, alternate spotting for one another.  The fish lay along the edges and if you can locate them ahead of your cast you will stand a better chance of not spooking or lining the fish.

The parking area is located downstream of the canal type area of the creek.  A short walk along the path that follows the creek will take you to a small bridge.  There is a service road that follows the entire creek.  The creek or canal averages about 2′-5′ in depth, it is 15′-25′ in width.  It is slow moving, gin clear with long straits.  You have a lot of streamside in which to spot and locate fish, you will need it.  I like a 12′ leader tapered to 6x-7x fluorocarbon.  The fish will take most small dry fly imitations sizes #16-22, It is the presentation that is vital.  The fly must hit the water first or you will have to scurry up the steep canal bank and begin the process again.  Do not attempt to wade upstream and blind cast.  That will be a lesson in futility my friends.  There are some slammers in here.  I have not fooled a fish over 18″ but have seen many in the 22″ range.  Most are browns.  Downstream of the parking area the creek takes on a freestone appearance.  Lots of falls, plunge pools and whitewater.  There is good fishing in this section also for smaller and less spooky trout.

Do not plan on a big numbers day here, but if you want a challenge and a test of your angling abilities you will surely get satisfaction here.  

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