The Gorge

Owens River Gorge fishing is a small tail water emanating from Crowley Lake. This area has been re-watered for numerous years now and is doing quite well. You will not encounter any huge fish here, nor huge crowds. It is an excellent region to fish if you seek solitude and are willing to do some hiking. You should do well on numbers if you approach this small creek correctly. Wild Brown trout from the 6-12” range are the norm.

All access into the Gorge requires moderate to strenuous hiking with plenty of “rock hopping” along the creeks shoreline. This area has become very popular with rock climbers and you will more than likely see more climbers than fisherman on an average day here. There are three sections; upper, middle, and lower gorge. There is a paved road that parallels the western rim and can be accessed off HWY 395 near Pleasant Valley Reservoir. The sections below the middle powerhouse have more water (35cfs) and are home to a larger population of trout. Dry dropper nymph combos work well here. The dry fly fishing here in the fall and spring rate as some of the best in the Sierra for numbers. 2-4wt rods are perfect. You will need to bring your own water or a filter and a good first aid kit is highly recommended. There is NO cell service and we suggest you tell a friend when you are going in and out to insure your safety. We guide this area in the fall, winter, and early spring but do not frequent it during the heat of summer. This area is known to have a fair number of rattlesnakes that can be seen during the warmer summer months.

The Gorge was at one time arguably the finest tailwater fishery in North America before the LADWP shut off the water many years ago. It still rates as one of the best small cold water trout fisheries in the state for numbers of fish.

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Owens River Gorge Fishing