Eagle Lake

The second largest natural lake in California is home to the Eagle Lake rainbow trout. With an abundance of food to choose from, Eagle Lake grows some of the finest rainbow trout in the state. These fish are hard fighting and willing to take flies in shallow water, making impressive runs and pulling fly line off a reel in a hurry. Our Eagle Lake Fishing guide will get you to all the hot spots on the lake.

A man and a woman in a sun gaiter holding a pair of large rainbow trout in a boat on Eagle Lake.

The Bald Eagle population is thriving here along with Osprey and one of the largest Grebe populations. It sits at an elevation of 5,098′ and is an endorheic alkaline body of water. It is the only watershed which supports a population of Eagle Lake native rainbow trout and is listed as one of the Wild Trout Heritage program lakes by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Two men with baseball caps holding very large rainbow trout in a boat on Eagle Lake.

Pine Creek is the main tributary which supplies water in the spring and the lake is dependent on rain and snowmelt.Eagle Lake trout have a plethora of food items to choose from. Tui Chub, shrimp, caddisflies, mayflies, leeches, midges, and snails make up the bulk of their diet and grow the trout here at an incredible rate. These fish can live to an impressive 11 years old and grow to sizes of up to 9 lbs.

A man with a camouflage baseball hat wearing a camouflage jacket holding a large rainbow trout in a boat on Eagle Lake.

They have adapted to the high alkaline water and are the only know trout species that can survive here. The lake is surrounded by thick confier forests and is 4 times the size of Crowley Lake. In the fall, the fish turn to tui chubs for food which provide high protein and are responsible for their rapid growth rate.

A woman with a white wide brimmed hat and brown lens sunglasses holding a large rainbow trout in a boat on Eagle Lake.

We fish the lake in the month of June and during high water years during October as well. The town of Susanville and Spalding Tract has lodging options and there are 4 campgrounds at the lake for tent camping and rv’s.

Rates are as follows:

Full Day (8 hours): $650 for 1-2 people

Full Day (8 hours): $700 for 3 people

We do not offer half day trips on Eagle Lake.

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Eagle Lake Fishing Guide