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Available in high visibility orange in two sizes 15mm (Small – ½ “) and 18mm (Medium – 5/8”)

Excellent drift indication and strike detection.

– Highly visible with high buoyancy.

– Easy on/easy off self-contained design eliminates the need to cut or trim yarn or tubing and there are no unattached pieces or parts to hassle with.

– Quickly and easily adjust fly depth; gently loosen the pin and slide the indicator up or down your leader.

A 90-degree connection links your leader to a Leader-Wise Pin© so that the pin becomes a direct extension of your leader. The pin always points at your flies, and any disruption of the flies such as, hitting the bottom or a take from a fish is immediately telegraphed to you through movement of the pin.When the pin is straight up and down, your flies are directly below the indicator and the drift is most effective. If the pin is not straight up and down mend toward your flies.

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1/2" Small, 5/8" Medium

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