Fishing Report 10/22/20

A smiling angler holding a large brown trout from Crowley Lake from a boat.
  The creek fire which is responsible for most of the smoke in the Mammoth Area is now over 60% contained. This fire is difficult to battle due to the tough to access area in which it is burning. There is currently no threat to the Town of Mammoth Lakes and some snowfall which is

Fishing Report 10/15/20

  The smoke is still in and out day to day, but the fish wouldn’t know any different. We are fully into fall fishing now with mixed sizes of fish and really great midge fishing on our local lakes. Nighttime temperatures have now dipped into the cooler sides with some mornings in the 30’s, which

Fishing Report 10/3/20

Looking west to Mammoth Mountain from Crowley Lake while wildfire smoke blows in from the west.
  We have finally had a major break in the smoke for most days now. Most of the time if we do see smoke it doesn’t come in now until the late afternoons. The skies have been blue and the fish have been biting very well over the past few days. The good news that