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California DFW Guide License #: 100299, Liability Insured and Bonded

Chris has extensive experience in the Eastern Sierra as a fly fisherman and has been making life difficult for the trout on Crowley Lake and the Eastern Sierra for many years. He is currently in the entertainment profession and has a super friendly, very upbeat personality. He spends most of his free time guiding or fishing in the Sierra and has plans to move here full time in the future. Chris has developed a reputation of breaking from the pack and finding his own water. He is an excellent teacher and has a 21’ Champion flats style bay boat to get you on the drag burning fish of Crowley Lake. Chris has been guiding several seasons and has established a significant repeat client base despite the fact he guides only part time.Chris Basso has established himself as an innovative and “break from the pack” still water expert. Bass began experimenting with an articulated midge pattern he created for still water nymphing on Crowley and other local fisheries. The results have proved to be incredible. Bass has embarrassed a number of guides fishing alongside him the last couple of years fishing this pattern. I must humbly attest to being one of them. He is credited with designing the “Broken Back” series of midges we use.“Bass” has recently added moving water to his guide profile and is an expert on the Upper Owens and East Walker Rivers. Chris uses the same out of the box philosophy on moving waters that he does on still waters and it has really paid off. Spending a day on the water with Chris will improve your fly fishing skills immensely- not to mention put a smile on your face with the big trout you catch.Chris Basso grew up in Burbank, CA, and began fishing Crowley Lake with his father, and two Uncles in 1973. Opening day at Crowley Lake was a family tradition for many years. Chris has a deep admiration for Crowley Lake, Fly Fishing, and the Eastern Sierras. Chris enjoys teaching others the beauty of catch and release, still-water fly fishing and looks forward to being on the water with you soon.

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