Doug Rodricks

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 10/19/21

A fly fisherman on a lake in a boat holding a behemoth cutthroat trout.
  The aspen trees are in full fall colors now, and a few light snowfall days have brought a dusting to the mountains, making for some spectacular scenery. Fishing has been very good on Crowley Lake for quality sized trout on midges and baitffish patterns. The north arm of the lake has been the place

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 10/5/21

A mountain lake with mountains in the background and low clouds above them.
Fall has arrived and with it, changing colors of the aspen tree leaves and the first light snowfall may be coming late in the week with some cooler weather in store for the weekend and possibly more snow by early next week. Fishing on Crowley Lake has been more about quality now then big numbers,

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 9/8/21

A swarm of flying insects in the morning with a couple of trees.
  With the closure of the forest service, crowds have been reduced in the area, which makes for light angling pressure. The Labor Day weekend was pretty crazy at the lake with almost every single boat on Crowley trying to cram into the same area. It almost resembled a mini-opening day. Now, that the weekend

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 8/30/21

A man and a woman holding a pair of larger rainbow trout while on a lake.
  Kids are back in school and the crowds have really lightened up around the eastern sierra. Just in time for the midges to emerge again in big numbers, and the fish are really responding to them. Hot weather during the day has returned for a short while, and the incoming month of September should

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 8/22/21

A fly fisherman holding a rainbow trout from Crowley Lake.
  We have been very lucky not to experience much in the way of wildfire smoke this summer. It was not until the past week that conditions got a little grey in the area. Most days the smoke is not bad at all, especially when the breeze or winds kick in around the afternoons and

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 8/4/21

  Conditions got tough for a few days on Crowley while most of the creeks continued to produce well on dry flies and terrestrials. With nights starting to cool off and thunder storms rolling through on occasion in the afternoon, the water temperature has begun to cool down some now. Fish have turned heavily to

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 7/16/21

A green meadow at sunset with a river running through it and purple skies.
  We had a real heat wave like the rest of the state the past couple of weeks. This week we are getting some relief as temperatures get slightly cooler. Warmer than usual water temperatures for this time of year, have a lot of fish seeking out deeper water in most lakes. River fishing is

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 6/22/21

  Hot weather seems to have consumed the country these past couple of weeks. We are managing to stay cool in the eastern sierra with the high altitude breezes and occasional rain shower. A dry and windy front came through the area over the last couple of days and warmer weather is in store for

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 6/3/21

A man holding a large cutthroat trout on a lake.
  Cruising along right into the month of June now, with a major change in the weather. Run-off is going strong now and should pass fairly quickly with the minimal snowpack this year. High pressure set in and really bumped temperatures up for late spring. We saw lots of wind for the past month, and

Eastern Sierra Fishing Report 5/17/21

A mountain lake sitting against large mountains with snow on the tops and clouds above them.
  Getting through the month of May has brought some warm and sunny weather with high pressure days, but also some minor cold fronts accompanied by wind and a little rain. The highest elevations in the sierra have received a dusting of snow. Most snowfall at this time of year does not stick around and